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10 Social Media Advertising Tools That’ll Make Your Life Easier

These forms of engagement between users and the content is what builds the social network and helps users interact and socialise with each other. Content feed feature is one of the main features to consider if you are wondering how to make a social media app. A feed is important because, in most cases, it is the home screen for your social media app where the user lands on after logging in. It is where they see posts and updates from other users and stay connected with others. How and what posts show up on the content feed depends on different algorithms and logic that work behind the screen to shape the content feed.

how to create a social media app

At the start of December 2020 it had just 3,500 members around the world, now it has over 10 million users globally, and that crowd includes Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Drake and Chrissy Teigen. You’ll also find musicians 21 Savage and The Game alongside comedians Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart. There was a short while at the end of 2020 where mere mortals couldn’t even get on it as it was still in private beta mode, but the app really took off.

The Benefits Of Creating A Social Network

Then there’s the new kid on the block, TikTok, which has 1 billion active monthly users, 41% of whom are teenagers. For example, if you concentrate on increasing brand awareness, more people will see your brand presence online. This can give you a boost in website traffic that how to create a social media app can ultimately lead to more sales. Plus, a wider online reach will most likely generate more conversations about your brand on social, thus expanding influence. Creating a social media strategy is just like any other kind of business planning—you need an end goals in mind.

Conspiracy theories seem to be a popular feature on this platform, leading peoples more curious sides to take over. With SocialBee, you get more leads from social media with less effort. Their intuitive platform provides you with all the Social Media Management Tools you could ever dream of.

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In 2020, amongst 9-16 year olds who go online , 73% have a profile on a social network, and 79% visited a social networking site in the last week . Really good all-rounder which seamlessly combines an iOS mobile app with a desktop how to create a social media app website. No vertical mode yet but great at switching between landscape and square. Adds a watermark in the free version, but the premium plan is £8/month on its own AND it’s included in any Creative Cloud plan (e.g. Photoshop CC).

This service is ideal for digital agencies, as it allows you to report to your heart’s content. AgoraPulse not only improves the content and streamlines posting, but it allows you to create unlimited reports too. This means you can report back to your clients, as well as integrate competitor analysis and monitor ad campaigns too – synchronising workflow. The basic plan starts from around €49 per month, which allows 3 social profiles and 1 admin.


If you have to remember to post something three times a week across multiple platforms, there will inevitably be days you forget or simply don’t have time. A social media content calendar is a working document used to schedule pieces of content you’re going to post across all your social media platforms for the week, month or even quarter. How you choose to how to create a social media app manage this is entirely dependent on your time restrictions and how far in advance you know what content you’ll have. The platform you choose for your small business are likely to come down to the resources you have and who your audience is. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on social media, you’re better off focusing on one and doing it really well.

how to create a social media app

Another tool supported by a major social media player – Pablo is the image-editing offshoot of Buffer. There’s a fairly basic dashboard in which images can be tweaked with filters, resized for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and embellished with text and/or logos. There’s also a Chrome extension so users can have Pablo on hand while browsing. Numbers aren’t always that appealing to look at, but if you do have some interesting data you want to share with your social media audience, then you probably won’t want to look much further than Infogram.

Is It Worth It To Create A Social Media Mobile App?

Content created by your customers and shared by you is authentic and trusted by followers. 48% of consumers say that user-generated content is a great way to discover new products and 93% say it’s helpful for making purchasing decisions. On Twitter, customers that receive responses from brands are willing to spend up to 20% more with that brand.

These are just three of the main ways you can make money from your social media and blogging, but be creative and think outside the box – there are loads of ways of doing it. You have to establish yourself as an authority in a subject, either via a website or social media channel, and you can then start selling your eBook, email series or audio/video course.

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The company absorbed the already highly popular music-focused app Musical.ly in 2018 that allowed them to snowball the platform’s comical, lip-sync heavy content style and features. The amount of social media users has significantly increased since 2019. However, similar to last year’s stats, Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape in the UK.

Buffer offers a basic package for free, which allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for free , and their prices for multiple accounts, for teams, start from $99 (£73.84). A business current account that’s free, easy to open, and helps you start doing what you love. For more inspiration, check out the Shorty Awards, which recognises the best campaigns in social media and digital. If you’ve won an award or an employee has done something great, tell your audience. During your research, you might also find that competitor video posts perform better than plain text. For example, by researching a competitor you might find that they perform well on Instagram but not so well on Facebook, despite Facebook being popular with your target market.

It is a social media network which is not only perfect for teachers and students but also to parents or guardians to use to share information in school. It collaborates and connect, share content and get access homework, school notices and grades. That’s where social media apps for children come in and when downloaded to your smartphone you can retain an element of control over their interactions, and keep tabs on anything that seems untoward. Our list of child-friendly social media apps are designed to help children learn how to engage with friends and share their experiences safely online. If needs be you can complete the entire video content workflow – shooting, editing, publishing – on a phone.

There has been an ever-growing presence for companies, and also individuals joining YouTube as a way of promoting their business, and also trying to reach a new demographic. From a business perspective, Facebook Business Manager now houses all of your ads, interactions and ad campaigns in one place. Hands down, this is our favourite social media management software ever, and we’ve tried them all. This is more of a feature within a tool, but it’s not an obvious one, so I figured it was worth mentioning.Facebook exclusion targeting is a piece of Facebook ads platform. While less of a tool and more of a partner to help you with your Facebook advertising, Alchemy has been able to do some great things for people. You log on every day to engagement, more followers, and more customers. Ad Espresso’s Facebook Ads Compassis a free tool that allows you to see the effectiveness of your social media ad campaigns.

Why does it cost so much to make an app?

Why is app development so expensive? The easiest explanation is that apps are cheap; it’s the engineering and design talent that’s expensive. If you look in the App Store, you’ll see over a million different apps. These were all built by independent developers, yet the bulk of these apps will never earn a penny.

This tool specialises in tracking brand mentions and industry conversations. You may even choose to use an online platform to manage your content calendar or create your schedule using a document. Here are some great recommendations for cloud deployment content calendar tools and templates. With one billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most engaged social media network. An important point for brands to consider is that 71% of Instagram’s users are under the age of 35.

There’s also a huge selection of stock images, icons and gifs, as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The editing dashboard isn’t the most sophisticated we’ve seen, but it gets the job done. Infographics are a little overdone these days, but if you have a good reason to share one with your audience it might as well be one of your own. Creative Market is pretty much what the name suggests – a marketplace for creativity. It offers a huge selection of images, icons, illustrations and much more uploaded by designers and photographers who charge for their wares.

  • Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that enables people to share short and instant content with an online audience.
  • Works in landscape, portrait and square, depending on what format your assets are in – so again, make sure you decide on an aspect ratio and stick to it.
  • If you’ve been using a social media tool such as Hootsuite you’ll be able to analyse the effectiveness of your content to date in terms of engagement.
  • Awario is ideal for brands who want to be aware of the conversations their customers are having about them online.
  • Using CMS tools can help admins manage and filter users and content, registrations, and reported content.
  • Snapchat and newer platforms like TikTok are something you may want to experiment with, but I wouldn’t bother unless you’re specifically wanting to target a younger audience.
  • Use polls and surveys to find out what your audience wants to see and use the results to guide your strategy.
  • It can be scary when you’re relying on the money to pay rent etc., and it’s why I’ve worked as a nanny the entire time I’ve been at uni, to ensure I have guaranteed income alongside the blog.

When it comes to monitoring your social media performance, you could simply go through your accounts and make a note of the engagement you’re receiving. This can be time consuming however and there are also plenty of tools available which can offer a more in-depth analysis. There are free tools and others more advanced if your budget permits. There are plenty of platforms out there which are designed to make your life easier. As well as the sites we’ve mentioned above, Hootsuite is also great for scheduling, posting and monitoring multiple accounts all from one place. Most importantly however is that your content calendar revolves around your other marketing activities. If you’re running an email campaign, your social media activity can support this.

In recent years, the new social media app development has shaped amazing ideas and prospects. The best way to leverage the market right now is to create your social network with the latest technology by hiring top social media app developers for Android and iOS. Each is defined by specific features so it’s a good idea to consider what functionality you’d like when creating your own social media app.