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Datamolino, Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, What’s The Difference?

hubdoc vs receipt bank

“The ability it provides for our clients to upload financial documents/statements has been very helpful.” Go paperless with all your bills and receipts stored together online, organized by supplier in folders and subfolders. Hubdoc does the data entry by reading key information from bills and receipts and turning it into usable data. Get copies of original documents and key data into Xero automatically without manual data entry using Hubdoc. Highly educated and experienced at top companies, we will provide accounting and financial expertise for your business. Go paperless by photographing documents via the mobile app before Hubdoc scans and extracts the data. Hubdoc stores and arranges invoices, receipts and bills securely within the cloud, backed up and available anywhere.

“Xero” and “Beautiful business” are trademarks of Xero Limited. Although Xero reviews each app in our App Marketplace, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.

All the user has to do is send the documents to the email address created, and Hubdoc software will take care of everything else. Simply take a photo of your receipt, invoice or bill with our mobile app and throw out the paper copy. Hubdoc scans, extracts and stores your documents in one secure hub.Email Hubdoc your paperwork. When you sign up, Hubdoc automatically creates a personalized email address, just for you. LedgerSync downloads your clients’ bank account and credit card transactions into the app. It then grabs any check images, deposit images, and bank statements it finds. And images for checks and deposits are directly associated with the appropriate transactions in LedgerSync.

Last month I shared some thoughts on using ReceiptBank, and in June I discussed FileThisPro. This month, I will discuss HubDoc, which is an interesting combination of the other two apps. According to HubDoc’s website, “Hubdoc helps companies say goodbye to data entry. Yes, in both applications you can download all your data, as a zip file from Hubdoc and as a PDF or spreadsheet from Receipt Bank.

I uploaded several similar documents after the first one was “fingerprinted”, but the next documents still took hours for processing. Receipt Bank offers a really nice suite of bookkeeping tools to go along with your expense tracking. The home screen offers a dashboard that lets you know at a glance if any receipts need attention and in what capacity. If a receipt has been processed and is awaiting “publishing,” you’ll know about it.

entreflow Consulting Group’s Use Of Hubdoc

This will give your bookkeeper a heads up to record the expense against your equity account, without having to clarify who and where this purchase came from. We’ll be able to attach the receipt straight to our record so your CPA knows exactly why we added in these expenses. Did you purchase that new sink and pay the electrician on a personal card before your business bank account was rocking-and-rolling? Be sure to Certified Public Accountant keep close-watch on these expenses as they add up and should be recorded on your books. Simply have your employees snap a photo or scan the receipt and send to your customized Hubdoc email address via phone or computer. Set up an auto-forward to that same customized Hubdoc email. Hubdoc is an electronic receipt management system that reads the main information on your receipt and auto-names and files the receipt.

hubdoc vs receipt bank

Hubdoc automatically creates folders for Automated Accounts and Manual Accounts . Fetched bills/statements or receipts and manually uploaded documents appear in a tab called “Review.” This is your work queue of expenses or bills/statements ready to be reviewed and posted. Once you post your docs in Hubdoc, they will automatically sync to your accounting software.

Shared Data

It also gives you the ability to stay connected with us throughout your engagement eliminating the back hubdoc vs receipt bank and forth email chain. If you know how to use text messages or Google Hangout, Asana is easy to use.

It will save you time and money when it comes time to do your taxes, and if/when your business is larger than you can mentally keep track of everything, you will have a functional system to manage it. Sometimes HubDoc doesn’t read certain fonts properly and contacts are recreated multiple times. There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete duplicate contacts which clogs up the list. Occasionally, document uploads fail which can be a pain, but this seems to be fairly infrequent. We have to manually add the bank account to push the expense to. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This is why we built migration tools to help save your data before a rogue actor exposes your personal data online or sells it to a 3rd party for malicious use.

Based upon my own observations, I can pretty much attest that Scanov appears to have the fastest ‘data capture’ engine for exporting bills, invoices and receipts to QuickBooks Online. Greenbackcaptures and automates original, itemized receipts, preventing manual data entry.

hubdoc vs receipt bank

It handles most expenses, but not mileage – however, it integrates with Tripcatcher for the purpose, so you can still capture mileage, which is particularly useful for tax purposes. You can fetch multiple months’ and even years’ statements, which is great for end-of-year audit and really useful if you have lost some of your old paper statements. However, Receipt Bank manages to just edge ahead in a number of categories and makes it our first choice. For instance, it integrates with Tripcatcher to offer mileage capture; it has user permissions which you can configure to suit your organization’s needs; and it’s a bit simpler, quicker, and more streamlined.

I Am Looking For An App To Track My Receipts And Expense, Anyone Have One That They Love?

For instance, both systems are read-only where bank and credit card accounts are concerned, so hackers have no way into your account. A big advantage of using Hubdoc or Receipt Bank is that your receipts will all be date and time stamped, giving you an excellent audit trail.

hubdoc vs receipt bank

Receipt Bank has a more complex structure, costing from $10 a month for single-user access,up to $40 for as many as 20 users. However, price packages limit the number of items processed as well as the number of users. Businesses which exceed these limits can request a quote for their particular needs. Setting up rules enables you to automate a lot of the process – for instance, Chevron will always go through to automotive fuel expenses. That takes the manual grind out of processing such receipts.

Finishing up with the setup is a simple, one-time process. All that needs to be done is you have to search for your account provider and then enter your personal information.

  • Rules to automate how receipts, bills and statements are coded.
  • It has more integrations, and is a bit more streamlined; it’s also a bit more speedy, while some users report Hubdoc can be slow.
  • This will give your bookkeeper a heads up to record the expense against your equity account, without having to clarify who and where this purchase came from.
  • For us at Ledgersync it’s all about accessing the client’s financial data and serving up that data to the Accountant/Bookkeeper in a one stop shop portal.

Considering that Hubdoc is specifically designed to cater to businesses and for accounting purposes, it would be good to have an audit log which the primary user can access. With this, it would be easier to check what specific receipt or bill was deleted. At least then, if there is a backup copy of the missing document, it can be re-uploaded. Email your documents – Upon signing up, you will be given a unique email address where you can send your receipts, bills, and any other documents from any email address. All of the attachments sent will be uploaded automatically to your Hubdoc account. No need to contact clients to request what a particular charge is because they can simply scan the receipt at the time of purchase, or forward the digital receipt to their specific email address. The software pulls the necessary information from the receipt and pre-populates an entry to the accounting software you have synced to their Hubdoc account.

What Are The 5 Features That Make Datamolino Unique?

Below are some of the leading companies and products that look to address bank feeds. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Simply email us on and reference this blog post and tell us your preferred contact information so we can reach out. Be transparent where their data will be handled when they do an expense reimbursement. Have you read our blog post on who is spying on your data?

Receipt Bank enables scanning and photo input, and you can also drag and drop files from your computer into web browser app. It automatically syncs to your banking software and the higher-priced plans include automatic data extraction from retained earnings balance sheet bank statements. You can invite “collaborators”, such as co-workers or accountants, to Hubdoc and give them access to your company’s financial information. When you invite a user, you can select what the user may have access to, eg.

Author: Wyeatt Massey