Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro (Free Redmi 8A)

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First mass-produced 108MP camera
Enjoy clear, detailed pictures lens

Unpresentedly, Mi Note 10 features a 108MP camera, with a single photo resolution of up to 12032 x 9024, 12 times as high as 4K resolution! With a super large image sensor in a size of 1/1.33″, the camera in Mi Note 10 surpasses most digital cameras. By capturing more light and details, it reproduces the magnificence of the landscape. Isn’t it breathtaking?


The Mi 10 Pro can also record 8K videos, whereas the Mi Note 10 Pro tops out at 4K. However, the Mi Note 10 Pro has a higher megapixel front-facing camera.

The 20 MP camera in the Mi 10 Pro has larger pixels, though

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Weight 700 g


8GB RAM + 256GB ROM (Black)