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Synonyms And Antonyms For Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Synonyms, Bookkeeping Antonyms

In the normal course of business, a document is produced each time a transaction occurs. Sales and purchases usually have invoices or receipts. Deposit slips are produced when lodgements are made to a bank account. Cheques are written to pay money out of the account. Bookkeeping involves, first of all, recording the details of all of these source documents into multi-column journals . For example, all credit sales are recorded in the sales journal, all cash payments are recorded in the cash payments journal. Each column in a journal normally corresponds to an account.

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Bookkeeping Process

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Bookkeeping Synonyms, Bookkeeping Antonyms

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  • Accounting is the way toward recording, in the sequential request, the day by day exchanges of a business element.
  • – An analysis of the influence of organizational factors on business social media adoption.
  • For example, all credit sales are recorded in the sales journal, all cash payments are recorded in the cash payments journal.

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Bookkeeping Synonyms, Bookkeeping Antonyms

There are some common methods of bookkeeping such as the single-entry bookkeeping system and the double-entry bookkeeping system. But while these systems may be seen as “real” bookkeeping, any process that involves the recording of financial transactions is a bookkeeping process. Bookkeeping is the process of recording, in chronological order, the daily transactions of a business entity. The primary bookkeeping record in single-entry bookkeeping is the cash book, which is similar to a checking account register but allocates the income and expenses to various income and expense accounts. Separate account records are maintained for petty cash, accounts payable and receivable, and other relevant transactions such as inventory and travel expenses. These days, single entry bookkeeping can be done with DIY bookkeeping software to speed up manual calculations.

Upon these books or additional documents are based the journal and ledger. Although they both involve the process Bookkeeping Synonyms, Bookkeeping Antonyms of recording the financial transactions of a business, bookkeeping and accounting are two different terms.

– An analysis of the influence of organizational factors on business social media adoption. The practice or profession of recording the accounts and transactions of a business. Despite the fact that they both include the way toward recording the money related exchanges of a business, accounting and bookkeeping are two distinct terms. Book-keeping is an art of recording in books of accounts the monetary aspect of commercial or financial transactions. It is mainly concerned with record keeping or maintenance of books of accounts. Sales ledger, which deals mostly with the accounts receivable account. This ledger consists of the financial transactions made by customers to the business.

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Once the accounts balance, the accountant makes a number of adjustments and changes the balance amounts of some of the accounts. These adjustments must still obey the double-entry rule. For example, the “inventory” account asset account might be changed to bring them into line with the actual numbers counted during a stock take.

Bookkeeping Synonyms, Bookkeeping Antonyms

Bookkeeping code is code that does not contain business logic but is needed to keep the program working properly. Purchases credits daybook, for recording all the purchase credit notes. Sales credits daybook, for recording all the sales credit notes. A hand from Washington will be stretched out and placed upon every man’s business; the eye of the Federal inspector will be in every man’s counting house.

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